Innovation is The Primary Driving Force for Enterprises

HAIYI continues to explore and provide innovative solutions for numerous fields, helping to solve problems around the world.

  • Sustainable Development

    Creating a more sustainable world

  • Inspired by collaborative creativity

    Sustainable by Design

Innovation Achieves the Future

We are committed to providing customers with uniquely designed, innovative, and high-quality products, aiming to use science and technology to improve people\\'s quality of life.

Creating Differences for the World

In HAIYI, sustainable development is the core of the business, which means that while dealing with market competition,undertake social responsibility; We are achieving rapid business growth, and everyone is striving for the same goal unite and improve the lives of everyone.

Becoming a member of a strategic enterprise

Here, you will become a member of a company that is uncompromising and strategic. We dare to take action, embrace change, and always uphold ethical standards, thus continuing to exist. You will find opportunities for inspiration in industries such as healthcare, and through innovative thinking, create a more relaxed, safer, and fulfilling daily life

Work together with the most outstanding and intelligent colleagues

Here, you will discover a culture of inclusiveness that can collaborate with other curious creative thinking. Our focus areas, technologies, and products will create a rewarding career for you through various means. We will provide you with flexible work methods to help you balance work and life.


At present, HAIYI is making every effort to sell high-quality products to domestic and foreign markets through online sales platforms such as Amazon and Shopee, combined with network technology support and related services.

Diversification and Inclusion

Whether at work, in the global market, or in our community, HAIYI always values diversity.

Ethics & Compliance

See how HAIYI promotes an inclusive environment, respects and accepts a dynamic and diverse team of employees, and maximizes their potential.